The minutes and associated documents published by PE Board are available by clicking on the links in the table below.
17th June 2023Board Minutes
24th April 2023Board Minutes
11th February 2023Board Minutes
10th December 2022Board Minutes
21st November 2022Board Minutes
6th October 2022Board Minutes
10th September 2022Board Minutes
Attachment - Sport:80 presentation
20th July 2022Board Minutes
6th November 2021Board Minutes
29th September 2021Board Minutes
25th September 2021AGM 2021 Draft Minutes
17th July 2021Board Minutes
8th July 2021Board Minutes
21st May 2021Board Minutes
20th March 2021Board Minutes
20th February 2021Board Minutes
12th December 2020Board Minutes
21st November 2020Board Minutes
21st November 2020Board Minutes
17th October 2020Board Minutes
15th August 2020Board Minutes
18th July 2020Board Minutes
6th June 2020Board Minutes
30th May 2020AGM draft Minutes
16th May 2020Board Minutes
28th March 2020Board Minutes
25th January 2020Board Minutes
20192019 Directors Report
26th October 2019Board Minutes
23rd March and 27th July 2019AGM draft Minutes
27th July 2019Board Minutes
20th April 2019Board Minutes
19th January 2019Board Minutes
20th October 2018Board Minutes
14th July 2018Board Minutes
23rd June 2018AGM Minutes
21st April 2018Board Minutes
21st April 2018AGM Minutes
17th March 2018Board Minutes
24th Feb 2018Board Minutes

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