Membership FAQs

What types of membership are available?

Four Membership types are available for Individuals, and one for Clubs:

  • Competitor – For people who want to compete in regional leagues and regional, national or international competitions. Includes a playing licence.
  • Club Player – For people who play mostly at their local club (currently available to new members only).
  • Junior – for under-18s
  • Honorary Life Member – awarded by the board
  • Club Affiliation – available to petanque clubs who have at least 6 individual members of Petanque England, including their Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer
How do I join Petanque England?

To join Petanque England, please go to our membership page and click the JOIN AS AN INDIVIDUAL button.

This will take you through a complete process in our Sport:80 membership system, where you will create an account, choose your membership type, select a region and club (if applicable) and finally checkout and pay by credit card.

A membership card will be emailed to you, typically within 10 minutes of payment.

To affiliate your club to Petanque England, first join as an individual member then use the JOIN AS A CLUB button on the same page.

How can I get help with Membership issues?

If you can’t find the answer to your questions here you can contact us directly for help.

For general queries about membership types, rules, benefits etc

For technical assistance with our Sport:80 membership platform

What is a 'Playing Licence'?

A Playing Licence is required to enter most Regional, National and International events, although some selected Regional events may be open to non-licensed PE members at the discretion of the Region’s committee.

A licence is included with Competitor, Junior and Honorary Life Memberships. Your virtual membership card acts as proof of your licence.

If you are are Club Player member and wish to enter a licensed event you will need to upgrade your membership to Competitor.

Can a club be affiliated with only Club Player members?

Yes, a club can be affiliated to PE with only Club Player members, or with any mix of Club Players, Competitors, and of course Juniors.

Clubs that are affiliating for the first time can start with as few as 3 individual PE members of Petanque England. These must include the club’s Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

By the time of their first renewal (i.e. the following March) the club must have at least 6 PE members and maintain that number to retain their affiliated status.

Individual PE members in a club can have any type of membership, but only those with a playing licence are eligible to play in the Eurocup inter-club competition. Club Player members can upgrade to Competitor should they wish to participate in the Eurocup.

Our rules refer to 'PE Member', does this mean any membership type?

Unless stated otherwise, wherever there is reference to just ‘PE Member’ in existing PE, Region, League or Club rules, it should be taken to mean “Licensed PE Member”, particularly where this is in reference to event entry criteria.

This is because when Regional and Club rules were produced there was no concept of ‘unlicensed’ PE Members.

Rules may be updated over time to consider how they apply to licensed and unlicensed members, but if not specified it should be taken that “PE Member” means “Licensed PE Member”.

Membership types that include a licence are:

  • Competitor
  • Junior Member
  • Honorary Life Member
Is it cheaper to join later in the year?

No, it is an annual membership so the fee does not reduce if you join later in the year.

However, if you join after 1st October your membership will be valid for the whole of the following year.

This is in recognition of the fact that there are less playing opportunities during the winter period.

e.g. If you joined in October 2023, your membership would expire end March 2025 so you would get 18 months membership.

Why is my wallet membership card a different colour?

Your virtual membership card has either a blue or green background, depending on your membership type:

  • Blue card: Competitor, Junior and Honorary Life Memberships (indicates licensed player)
  • Green card: Club Player (indicates unlicensed player)

Printed pdf membership cards are not coloured, but include the membership type in text.

Do I need a licence to enter the Inter-Regionals or EuroCup?

You must be a licensed player to enter the annual Inter-Regional Championship and Challenge. This also applies to the annual EuroCup competition for clubs.

Club Player members would need to upgrade to Competitor membership to enter these events.

Can I upgrade my Club Player membership to Competitor?

Yes you can upgrade your Club Player membership to Competitor any time.

You may wish to do this if you decide part-way through the playing year that you want to enter a licensed Regional or National event.

To upgrade your membership to Competitor, please email and a volunteer administrator will do this for you, ready for you to pay.

In 2023 the cost to upgrade is £21, plus the Competitor Regional Fee, if applicable.

The amount of the Regional Fee is set by each region and it is paid directly to them by the Sport:80 system.

Can I downgrade my existing Competitor membership to Club Player?

Club Player membership was introduced in July 2023 for new members only.

If you are already a Competitor member you can only renew at the same level, you cannot ‘downgrade’ to Club Player membership.

Can Club Player members vote in the AGM?

No, Club Player members are not eligible to vote at AGM or EGMs.

Competitors at a European Championship
Club players enjoying social games

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