• Entry to national events is via Sport:80
  • You will find Events listed in the main menu
  • For singles events just click ENTER NOW on an event and follow instructions
  • For team events please follow the detailed instructions below


STEP 1 : Add Players to your account

  1. You will need the PE Membership number and Date of Birth of your team-mates.
  2. Log in to your personal account in Sport:80
  3. Select Players from the menu and click “Add new
  4. In the Add Member pop-up, click An Existing Player
  5. Click Add Manually
  6. Select Membership Type = PE Membership
  7. Enter the Membership Number and Date of Birth of your team mate(s), select Event Only and click SUBMIT button
  8. Check that team mate(s) are now shown in your Players list
NoteDo NOT use the ‘New Player’, ‘CSV upload’ or ‘Full access’ options.

STEP 2 : Enter your Team Name

  1. Select Events from the menu, find your event and click ENTER NOW
  3. Enter the surname of your team captain, click NEXT
  4. Enter contact email, click NEXT
Your team name will initially be shown as INELIGIBLE as it has no players yet – this is normal
You will be able to re-use the your team name in other events by selecting it from a list

STEP 3 : Add Players to your Team and pay

  1. Click the red Players button in your team
  3. You will see a list of players that you added in STEP 1
  4. Click ADD against each player you want to include in your team for this event
  5. Click BACK, Click BACK again
  6. Team buttons Should now be green as your team is complete, but Entry Form is orange.
  7. Click the Orange button that says ‘Unpaid’.
  8. Select the correct entry fee from the drop-down list
  9. Tick the Yes box to agree with certification statement
  10. CHECKOUT out and pay by card.
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