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The PE EuroCup is a annual competition to find the top four Club teams who then play off in a Final  to decide who will represent England at the Confédération de Européenne Pétanque (CEP) EuroCup. The runner-up clubs in each semi-final compete in the PE Cup, and teams eliminated in rounds one and two compete for the Plate competition.

PE-affiliated clubs enter teams to play initially against others in their local geographical area in a knock-out competition. For each match, the Club Team enters a squad of players to play a combination of Singles, Doubles and Triples games.

From round four of the main competition clubs are drawn to play nationally. The top-ranked four teams play-off in semi-finals, then a final is played to determine who will have the honor of representing Petanque England in the Europe-wide CEP EuroCup event.

2022 / 2023


Our 2018/2019 our champions were again Baldock Town PC (Chiltern) for the fifth year in succession. They competed in the finals in Luxembourg and reached the quarter finals, which makes them one of the top eight teams in Europe.

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