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Our England Veterans (over 55 years of age) compete in a mixed gender competition bi-annually in odd numbered years at European level (organised by the CEP). In 2019 the European Veterans Championship will be held in Bulgaria in September.

In 2017, our Veterans team was Jean-Louis Guiot, Robert Silvy, Dave Turner and Susan Turner and they achieved a top 8 finish in the tournament which was an improvement on 2015, when our team won the Gold medal in the Nations Cup.

There is no Precision Shooting competition.

In the past, PE found our Veterans team on the basis of a single day’s qualification tournament but in 2019 we have decided to hold three separate competitions to establish a rankings. The top three ranked players will be invited to represent England and the fourth member of the team will be selected from those players that finish 4 to 6 in the rankings.

Our selection process is led by our Veterans Lead Member Clive de Silva. As with all international competitions, PE members have to be UK nationals to represent our country.


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