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17th September 20202
Vince Wills in action

Our hosting club at Gravesend and our Events Group have been working away this week on the organisation of the weekend’s long-awaited National Titles. They’ve put a lot of time and energy in to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience at our first national competition since October last year.

They have now issued the pitch allocations based on the draws for the Singles and Doubles (both Men and Women) and also a plan of the pitches.

This is all part of PE’s commitment to organising the safest playing conditions as possible as enshrined in our Play Safe Guidelines. We will have checked all memberships so there is no need for licences to be given and handled. Nor will you be required to come inside the clubhouse to the control table to tell the organisers that you are present. If there’s a problem with a non-arrival, that will become apparent at pitch side and the organisers will respond.

If for any reason you or your team are forced to withdraw in advance of the competition, please let us know immediately. You will appreciate that the sooner we know about that the better it is for any re-organisation.

All you need to do to be ready to play is check  your team number against where your first game is to be played. When instructed to start make for your designated pitch. This is going to be as close as possible to 10am for the Singles and 9.30am for the Doubles. Please arrive at the venue between 0930 and 1000 for the Singles and between 0845 and 0915 for the Doubles.

Playing areas

As can be seen in the plan of the pitches there are broadly three different playing areas.

The first is what we normally call the ‘Main’ area where there are the covered pitches. Here you will find pitches 1 to 17. It is one way in via the steps and one way out via the gaps in the hedgerows between pitches 4 and 6 or via the gate at the end of pitch 6. Please familiarise yourself with the layout plan. Please also be aware that live-streaming is scheduled to take place in the ‘Main’ area. We have taken steps to to ensure there is socially distanced playing areas, but please take extra care up in this playing area when walking around or standing.

The second are the pitches immediately in front of the club house, below the patio. That’s pitches 18-22.

The third are the temporary pitches up the far end of the venue, you walk through the car park past the tennis courts. Pitches 23 to 37 are found here. Please note that the pitches have not been set out as usual here. There is no walkway through the middle between the two sections. This year, the one way system takes players on the scenic route up alongside pitches 23 – 29, across the top to the second section and down the opposite side to access pitches 30 – 36 and the single pitch, 37. The way back to the clubhouse is across the bottom of the pitches to the exit and through the car park

For the Singles, our organising team has listed all the players and their numbers against the pitches for the morning leagues. It’s a bit more difficult to do that for the Doubles, so you will need to check out your number.

Kit – don’t upset our umpires!

You will need to show your kit to the Umpire if required. We’ve decided that the kit compliance will be based on what we normally require for the Home Nations Qualifier. This does not mean you need matching bottoms (feel free to wear matching bottoms if you like as it definitely looks smarter!), but please look at our kit compliance regulations to make sure you are turned out properly. This obviously applies more to the Doubles where matching kit is required. Please think about how you can make things easy for our umpires as they are operating under more difficult conditions than usual.

Inside the clubhouse

We ask all players that enter the clubhouse to follow any rules and restrictions set out by the venue. Do not under any circumstances gather together in a group larger than six either standing or sitting indoors and be particularly careful about hand hygiene and keeping your distance. Please be vigilant and aware at all times that the chances of COVID-19 infection are much greater indoors than outside.

Our thanks to everyone at our hosting club, our Events Group and our officials who will be present for all their hard work. It remains to wish everyone a fantastic and safe weekend. Enjoy!


  • Tom Hitchman

    17th September 2020 at 4:03 pm

    Is it 10am start for each day?

    From above “All you need to do to be ready to play is check your team number against where your first game is to be played. When instructed to start make for your designated pitch. This is going to be as close as possible to 10am.”


    • Martin Hughes

      17th September 2020 at 4:17 pm

      Tom, I’m glad you raised that. It’s 0930 to 1000 registration on the Saturday and 0845-0915 on the Sunday. I’ll update the article so that’s clear. Thank you.


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