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10th August 20190
Home Nations pic 2015

The 2019 Home Nations tournament involving England, Scotland, Jersey and hosts Wales begins today at the Monkstone club in Cardiff.

This is an important part of PE’s playing calendar and our eight teams were found after a keenly contested qualifier held in Nottingham back in early May.

England has never lost this tournament since its inception, but it was a very close run affair in 2018 in Jersey where the the hosts and England battled it out to the very last games.

England’s squad is:

England 1: Clive de Silva, Phil Bradshaw and Steve Daykin
England 2: Dean AshbyJeff Booth and Rob Booth
England 3: Carol Woodward, Glenn Woodward and Hannah Griffin
England 4: Matt Blyton, Jamie Blyton and Lee Edgar
England 5: Jitendra Bharania, Kamles Modha and Rohit Damodar
England 6: Duncan Brown, Steve Brown, Gary Kelynack and Tim Edwins
England 7: Colin Smith, Pat ‘the Duchess’ Rowlands, Simon Cotton and Jacob Smith
England 8: Fay Golder, Steve Golderand Margaret Eldridge

We’d like to wish all our players and officials a successful weekend and we’re sure they’ll represent our country with great pride. We’ll have a report on the outcome early next week.

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