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11th May 20190
Phil Claydon

The knockout round is set up after this morning’s set of three poules matches in the respective gender categories.

In the Women’s competition, the trio of Sarah Huntley, Lisa Goliger and and Emma Longstaff led the way with three wins and a plus of 24 points. Also on three wins in second place was Sammy Thatcher, Kaylee Thatcher and Claire White.

In the Men’s competition, contested by 17 teams, the new team of Sean Prendergast, Jack Blows and Phil Claydon had a very strong start with three wins, dropping only 8 points. Three other teams also chalked up three victories: Jeremy Huntley, Ross Jones & Rowland Jones; Reece Gould, Dean Seville & Sam Blakey and finally Nouri Baladaci, Mokhtar Benarab & John Geddes. Team Baladaci secured a particularly notable victory over Nic Baxter, Sofiane Lachani and Monty Quaia, which led to the latter missing out on the Top 8 knockout by a single point.


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