Coaching Hub
As part of the new Petanque England Juniors set-up we have set up this coaching hub. We invite coaches and those introducing juniors to our sport to visit these pages and make use of the ideas of others who have taken on the challenge of inspiring young players before. We include routines and fun practices that are tired and tested. Some are age and experience specific so please differentiate.

We hope to build this into a resource which will support you in your coaching journey. Please contribute if you have games or routines which you have found work, send them to and we will seek to include them for the benefit of others.

Junior Lead, Chris Chub Would like to say:

“The below pages were part of a resource pack created by the PE national youth development program in 2021. The authors were: Kath Knight; Chris Garrett; Brian Stone; Phil Boarder with contributions from K. Flack; M. Duncan; N. Hall; and B. Wright


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Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries or assistance. You can contact us via email.

We value your feedback and suggestions. Let us know how we can improve and better serve the needs of our junior petanque community.

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