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17th May 20201
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Our rescheduled 2020 AGM will be taking place on Saturday 30th May at 11.30 am.

Although it’s not going to be possible for our members to attend due to Government restrictions, you will be able to join our President Martin Eggleton online via a videoconference facility.

This will be Martin’s last meeting as our President as he will be stepping down. At yesterday’s PE Board meeting we recorded our sincere thanks for all his and Annette Eggleton’s fantastic work for our sport.

We’re just working on the final details of the AGM videoconference and will send the link to members in good time for the meeting.

If you’d like to ask any questions about PE’s activities or annual accounts, you can send these to and we’ll do our best to pick these up at the meeting. We’re planning to have a chat facility as well so that members can ask questions in real time, but it’s going to be easier for the management of the meeting if questions are sent in advance.

The AGM will appoint Martin’s replacement as President and appoint new members of the Board.

For candidates for President you can find out more about Clive de Silva here and David Mason here.

For candidates for the PE Board, you can find out more here.

Our annual accounts are available here.

All members are strongly encouraged to vote by proxy. PE’s company rules allow for members unable to attend (or in this exceptional case, prevented from attending) to submit a proxy form by post or a scanned copy by email. You can download a proxy form here.

We have also set up the ability to submit the proxy online through the LoveAdmin membership system. This is the quickest and best way to submit a proxy.

Just log in with your normal details and go to Events where you will see the AGM as a separate event. If any member has any problems using the online system, please get in touch.

Please note that all proxies submitted so far remain valid except those where members have appointed someone else other than the Chairman to cast their vote. If you have appointed someone else other than the Chairman, you will need to change this. Please contact to change it as you will not be able to do this online.

The deadline for receipt of proxies by post, email or via LoveAdmin is 11.30 am on Thursday 28th May.

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  • Tom Hitchman

    17th May 2020 at 1:35 pm

    Just wondering how many members have paid for 2020 so far and what income this will generate. Given that most if not all the PE competitions won’t take place this year as well as the greater proportion of other costs detailed in the accounts for previous years, am guessing this year will create a welcome net contribution to reserves. Is it worth considering having statements from at least the president candidates as to how they would address this opportunity.


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