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6th April 20200
Eggleton shot

Ken Buchan, PE’s Company Secretary has written to all members by email with an update on the our 2020 Annual General Meeting.

The agenda for the 2020 AGM to be held on Saturday 18th April is now available but it will not be possible to hold the meeting because of our Government’s Covid-19 coronavirus restrictions on non-essential travelling and gatherings.

The PE Board has decided that the AGM will be adjourned to a date yet to be fixed and the agenda will be carried over to that adjourned meeting. We are taking legal advice as to how we can hold the AGM if the Covid-19 restrictions are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. As soon as this situation has clarified we will be issuing a further update.

There have been two nominations for the successor to our President, Martin Eggleton: Clive De Silva and David Mason. You can read the statements of the two candidates. An election will take place and members can cast their vote either by completing the supplied proxy form or by attending the adjourned meeting when it takes place.

There have also been nine valid nominations received for the vacant positions on the PE Board as follows:

  • Matthew Blyton
  • Clive De Silva
  • Toni Gates
  • Peter Hardy
  • Janice Keemer-Richards
  • David Mason
  • Alan Roden
  • Christine Spray
  • Barry Wing

Members should only cast a maximum of six votes if they are intending to vote by proxy. The proxy form also allows members to vote on accepting the 2019 Annual Accounts and also the proposals for adult and junior membership fees which are intended to apply from January 2021 should members approve them – £25 and £5 respectively.

How to vote by proxy

You can either print off the proxy form and send it by post to the address shown on the form but the quickest and cheapest way is to submit your proxy electronically through the Loveadmin membership database.

Simply logon and select Events. In the Events tab select AGM Proxy.  This brings up the proxy form entry screen.  Under the No. required box you need to select 1 and then press the continue button. This brings you to the proxy form proper. Your personal details will be filled in automatically.

Members are then required to choose whether to appoint the chairman as their proxy.  By default, this is shown as Yes but if you prefer to appoint someone else select No and insert the name of your proxy in the box provided. You can then proceed to record your voting instructions.

For the resolutions to approve the annual accounts and to fix the annual subscription, members should select For/Against/Withheld from the dropdown menu (the annual accounts will be on the website as soon as they have come back from the auditors).

For the appointment of our new President, members should select Clive De Silva or David Mason and for the appointment of the PE Board directors members should select up to 6 of the nominees. If you have any problems in completing the form, please do not hesitate to contact David Baxter on

There is no deadline for the submission of proxies because the date of the adjourned AGM is not yet known. Members will be given 21-days notice of the reconvened AGM as soon as it has been fixed and the deadline for submission of proxies will be 48 hours before that date.

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