NewsPE PresidentAnnouncement: Paul Reeve

29th June 2022

Dear members,

Paul Reeve

It is with regret that we announce the resignation of Paul Reeve as our President.

Over the past few months, Paul has suffered an ongoing deterioration of his health.

After taking advice and following much deliberation, he has reluctantly decided to step down from his role as President with immediate effect. He has also resigned from his directorship.

As you will appreciate, taking on any national role demands commitment and a high degree of time, devotion, availability, and energy.

As President, Paul has overseen various difficult and complex issues within our sport and National Governing Body and move us towards becoming a more professionally run organisation that addresses the grassroots and growth of our sport.

The National Governing Body for Pétanque England will continue to operate with the Vice President becoming Interim Acting President with the support of the established Board of directors and officers to ensure continuity of service.

The Board and membership take this opportunity to thank Paul for his hard work and contribution during his time as President and offer him our best wishes for his recovery.

Pétanque England



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