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30th September 20210
Paul Reeve

Pétanque England’s 2021 AGM was held on Saturday 25th September in Hemel Hempstead, having previously been adjourned on 14th August. The meeting was chaired by PE Interim Vice President Colin Roper.

Congratulations to our new President Paul Reeve, who was appointed without the need for a vote due to withdrawal of the only other candidate, Clive De Silva. Paul is an experienced businessman and has previously been involved in organising and participating in other sports including athletics, climbing and ocean racing. He is Chair of Norwich Pétanque Club.

Four new Directors were also appointed to the board again with no vote needed as there were sufficient vacancies to accommodate them all.

New board members are: Matt Blyton, Stone Williams, Tom Wilson and Martin Hughes who returns to the board after previously resigning. Christine Spray decided to withdraw her candidacy so will not be re-joining the board.

Ken Buchan, Ray Keemer-Richards and Jim Marstin formally retired from the board under the rules that require one third of directors to retire ‘by rotation’ each year. Ken Buchan and Ray Keemer-Richards were co-opted to the board.

The full line-up of PE Board Members and Officials (including their contact details) can be found in the About>Officers page of our website:

The annual accounts and membership fees were approved. PE Members who did not attend the meeting in person submitted proxy votes online via the membership system or by sending a completed form by email or post.

Treasurer Cary Bush presented a report that outlined strategic plans for the future of PE, which are based on reducing our reliance on membership fees, learning from other sport’s National Governing Bodies and applying for funding from Sports England after first improving our governance.

There was a proposal by Gareth Sullivan that PE Life Members should have their Regional membership fees paid by PE where needed. This motion was carried by 120 votes for and 30 against.

Proposal to set Junior membership fees at £5 and Adult membership fees at £25 for 2022 were both approved by a significant majority. These are fixed at the same amounts as 2021, with no increase.

The meeting closed with new President Paul Reeve addressing the meeting and outlining his plans for the future. The Board will initially concentrate on a 100 day action plan and place emphasis on a new survey that would involve both members and non-members at all stages and said that he, together with other Board members, would be visiting the Regions to listen to their views.

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