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30th January 20200
Martin E

After 5 years’ great service to our sport, our President, Martin Eggleton is retiring. That means that we have a very important vacancy in the administration of PE that is vital for our future success.

With just less than three months to our AGM where our new President will be confirmed, it’s time for everybody to start thinking about Martin’s successor.

Although PE is now a company limited by guarantee, we remain firmly a membership organisation and all our members are eligible to stand . You may be considering putting your name forward to be our new President but what does that entail?

Over recent years, we have taken steps to ensure the key functions of PE relating to playing, membership (individual and club), financial management, administration, events organisation, coaching and umpiring are the responsibility of members of our Board who in many instances also delegate work and activities further to other members outside of the Board.

This means that our President has been able to concentrate on more ‘big picture’ issues rather than operational matters, and although in the past we have been grateful that Presidents have often voluntarily taken a major organisational role in events such as the Inter-Regionals, you should not feel that this is something which is either obligatory or expected of someone in that role.

Key functions and qualities

It’s not necessary to have prior experience as a member of the PE Board and there will be plenty of support from existing members who cover the main areas of our work.

Essential tasks for our President are as follows.

  • Act as the figurehead of PE to the outside world. So, The Sport and Recreation Alliance, Sport England, the CEP, the FIPJP, other pétanque federations, potential sponsors for example, all would expect PE to be represented by our President.
  • Lead on communications, ensuring that our members are kept informed and maintaining good channels through to our Regional Presidents. In this respect, our President is the primary public face of PE for our members and regional network.
  • “Normal Leadership things”; Chair the PE Board and Members’ meetings; give direction to Board policy making, monitor that decisions taken at meetings are implemented; bring impartiality and objectivity to decision making; facilitate change and address conflict within the Board and within PE.

What are the personal qualities you will need to make this role a success? Well, there are no set qualities, but you will see from the above that you will need good representational, communications, diplomatic and management/planning skills which you may have gained from your work or in voluntary activities. We’re taking it for granted that you are passionate about our sport! These things are exactly what candidates for the job will need to convey to our members in putting themselves forward for this important job.

How do I put my name forward?

Candidates for the position of President need to be nominated by a PE member. Nomination Forms and a formal notice convening the AGM will be issued shortly, but you may like to note that the AGM will take place on Saturday 18th April 2020 and the last date for the submission of nominations will be Friday 27th March 2020.

Nominations will need to include a consent to act by the person nominated and an accompanying personal statement from the nominee setting out the personal qualities he or she has to fulfil the position. Members will be given the opportunity to vote for or against the nominee in person at the AGM or by submitting a proxy vote. This year it will be possible to submit proxies electronically via the LoveAdmin membership system. If there is more than one candidate, the candidate with the largest majority of votes cast will be appointed. The period of office of a President is 3 years.

Further information

If you have any queries about the role of President or the process that will be followed, please contact the PE Company Secretary, Ken Buchan on (tel: 01732 823640).

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