News2023 National Competitions Update

19th March 2023


Venues agreed

We are pleased to announce that venues are now agreed for nearly all of our national competitions and the 2023 Competition Rules have been published, having being reviewed by our Umpiring Commission.

Venues for National Mixed Doubles and Triples are still under discussion and will be added as soon as confirmed.


A new system for event management

Entry to events will be via our Sport:80 platform.

The project team has been working with Sport:80 for several months to tailor the Events module to meet our needs, and we are now ready to use it for the first time.

Initially only entries to SSE Doubles (Men & Women) and Home Nations Qualifiers (Triples) are available.
We will add other events over the coming weeks, once we have validated the system with these early events.

The Sport:80 events module is far more sophisticated than our previous system and provides many new benefits:

  • Optimised for use on Smartphones
  • Includes Google maps of venues, and organiser contact details
  • All team members are validated on entry for age, gender and PE Membership
  • Easy payment by Card, ApplePay and GooglePay
  • Juniors are automatically given free entry to competitions
  • Lists of entries are shown online and always up-to-date
  • Event organisers can access details of teams and players entered
  • Event organisers can directly email teams if needed


How to enter a national competition

The person entering their team into a competition will need the membership number and date of birth of their team-mate(s).

Note that you must use the Surname of you team captain for your Team Name

The general process for entering a team is:

  1. Add your team mates to your Players list as “Event only”
  2. Add your team name, as the surname of your captain
  3. Add your players to your team
  4. Confirm and pay

If you enter another competition you will not need to repeat 1 & 2, you simply select your previously-added team name, add existing players and pay.

This method of entering a team is very different to our previous system, so the first time you use it please follow the details instructions provided in the link below:

If you have any questions about a competition, please contact the event organiser, whose email is shown on the event’s info page.

If you have difficulties entering your team, you can email (this is for Sport:80 technical queries only)

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