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1st February 2022
PE News Update:
  • Jeremy Huntley has been appointed as Women’s Lead.
  • A document detailing the Womens Squad and Development Programme has been published. (This is currently under review)
  • Simon Bird has been appointed as Veterans’ Lead.
  • The venue for our Inter-Regionals will be announced once contract negotiations have been concluded and the contract signed. This is expected shortly.
  • A comprehensive programme is being prepared by our Events Group, chaired by John Edmondson. This will include support events for members of PE clubs.
  • Our playing calendar is being constantly updated, please refer to our website here.
Governance & NGB
  • Our Articles of Association are being rewritten as our application for charitable status has been rejected by the Charity Commissioners.
  • We are continuing to work towards a closer relationship with Sport England to be able to obtain funding.
  • The Tribunal chaired by Bob Rumble has been delayed in completing its investigations by individuals coming forward at a late stage to be interviewed. We expect to receive their report shortly and once it has been digested by our Board it will be released to members.
  • Our new Resolutions Panel, chaired by Kevin Moss, has been very effective in improving the way in which we deal with complaints.
  • Alan Forse is continuing his work with our President on updating our Governance Documents. Updated documents will be posted to our website.
  • Our consultative survey is being relaunched in the Spring, to be completed by PE members and members of PE Clubs and used by our Board to guide our development.
Paul Reeve – PE President

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