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Individual membership is open to petanque players of all ages and abilities. There are two types of membership:

  • Adult Competitor – members who are 18 years and older on the 31st December of the current year.
  • Junior Members – members under 18 years old on the 31st December of the current year.

The membership period is from 1st April to 31st March. However when joining after October 1st the subscription will carry through to the end of the following year. 

Renewal notices are sent to members in January each year and they can renew their membership any time between 1st January and 31st March.

Individual Membership of Pétanque England includes membership of one of our 17 Regions. Each Region sets its own Regional fee for Adult Competitor members, which is paid along with the national fee of £25. The total fee you pay comprises both the National and Region fees.

A list of the regions and their fees is shown at the bottom of this page.

Petanque players who do not belong to a Affiliated PE club are welcome to join as Independent members in their local Region and have the same rights as club members.

Honorary Life Membership is awarded by the Pétanque England Board to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to our sport.

To transfer your membership to another club please contact your Regional Membership Secretary who can manage this for you. Where the change of club also involves a change of region then please contact the National Membership Secretary.


Clubs that are affiliated members of Pétanque England also belong to a PE Region, and can enter teams in PE leagues and other club competitions such as the EuroCup. Clubs usually affiliate to the Region in which their playing venue is located, but may elect to join a neighbouring region if it is more suitable.

The annual club affiliation fee is £35. Clubs must have at least 6 individual members of Petanque England including their Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.



Adult Competitor membership fees comprise a standard National fee plus a Regional fee that is set by each region. The total amount is paid to Petanque England, who then pass on the Regional fee to the appropriate region to support their local activities.

Junior fees are fixed at £5 with no Regional fee.

PE Region Regional Fee   PE Region Regional Fee
Anglia £5 Kernow £7
Chiltern £3 London £6
Devon £5 Mercia £5
Eastern £3 North West £10
East Midlands £8 Southern Counties £3
Great Western £0 Sussex £6
Heart of England £8 Thames Valley £7
Isle of Wight £5 Yorkshire £8
Kent £10

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