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23rd December 2022
AGM 2022

The latter months of the year tend to find much of our playing activities reduced, other than league or specially arranged competitions. It is also a period when regions and clubs, as well as Petanque England, hold their own Annual General Meetings.

Petanque England’s Annual General Meeting took place on 10th December in central London. Only twenty or so PE members were able to attend in person, but over 160 proxy votes submitted meant that a quorum was established. Apologies were recorded from some members.

We will publish formal minutes in due course, but below is an overview of the meeting and outcomes:.

  • The accounts for the company were presented by the Treasurer Cary Bush, voted upon and approved.
  • Colin Roper’s nomination as President was voted on and he was duly elected into the role.
  • John Edmondson, Kevin Moss and Janice Keemer-Richards were all elected as Directors of PE.
  • Membership fees for 2023 to remain at the 2022 fees. Adults £25.00, Juniors £5.00.
  • The proposal by member Gareth Sullivan, that the number of Board positions allocated by the PE Board of Directors should be restricted to no more than 40% of total, was voted on but defeated.
  • There was a proposal by member Mike Cubitt that a Club Player class be created and the membership fee for this class be set at £8 plus regional precept. However, it was felt by those members in attendance that the proposal lacked detail and could be detrimental to our organisation financially in its current form. It was therefore moved that, together with the PE Board, a regional working party be established to consider the details of the new membership class.
  • Resolutions proposed by the Petanque England Board regarding changes to the Articles of Association were voted on and all approved.
    • The word Charity be removed throughout and replaced with Company.
    • Maximum number of directors to be 13
    • Board members be President, six member-appointed and six board-appointed.
    • Board members serving terms of three years may be reappointed for a further two consecutive terms only..

A number of additional topics were discussed under Any Other Business:

  • Inter- Regional 2023: Follow-up meetings have taken place with our partner Isle of Wight Tours regarding complaints by members on various issues with the Pontins venue during the 2022 event. Much has been noted and discussed with the venue to ensure that the 2023 Inter-regional tournament at the Pakefield Holiday Centre will be a more enjoyable experience for all.
  • Tribunal Review: It was explained that the original review had been broadened and in doing so had resulted in various technicalities, requiring a longer time to complete the report. It is anticipated that a statement report will be available by the early new year.
  • National Junior Centres: The process of creating regional Junior Centres is now under way, with a team of regional coaches and YDOs involved and being coordinated by PE senior coach Phil Boarder. Support for this initiative has been positive and it will benefit those regions wishing to attract new juniors into playing Petanque.

As we approach the Christmas and New Year celebrations our attention will turn to families and petanque will take a back seat for now. Thanks to all who continue to support our organisation and our sport.

Take care and best wishes to all.

Colin Roper
President, Petanque England


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