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28th February 20212
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Earlier this year, the PE Board started producing a new newsletter for our members. The latest edition (No. 3) is available here.

As you can see from the content, we are keen to feature news and articles from our clubs and members. If you have something that you would like to include in the next edition, please contact our President, Clive de Silva via


  • Pete Hardy

    1st March 2021 at 2:05 pm

    I really like the newsletter and congratulations for making the effort.
    Two points please.
    Is Gareth now a PE Board member? I appreciate that he’s now chair of the umpire’s committee, but I thought Bob was still a PE Board member.
    And it was a very good article from Simon regarding the Suffolk Coastal League. But of the 200 players, only about 5 are members of PE and I think this should have been mentioned.


    • Martin Hughes

      1st March 2021 at 3:53 pm

      Hi Pete, thanks for the comments on the newsletter which is one of the initiatives brought forward by our President.

      There are two categories of Board Member, one is appointed by the Board, the other by all our members at our AGM. At the last Board meeting the three year term of a number of Board members came to an end and we needed to either reappoint them or appoint replacements. Although there is no ‘automatic’ appointment to the Board for the Chair of our Umpiring Commission, we have adopted an internal protocol whereby we receive a recommendation from our Umpiring Commission to appoint their Chair to the Board. Previously this post was held by Bob Parker and very recently he was succeeded by Gareth Sullivan. As a result, given that Bob’s term of office had ended we appointed Gareth to replace Bob to follow our protocol. Bob can of course put his name forward to rejoin the Board as a member elected director as can any other member of PE. We will be inviting nominations in due course when we have decided on a date for our AGM. All members will be advised of the relevant dates in due course.

      Your point about the Suffolk Coastal League is quite correct. We are currently looking at ways in which we can involve players in various leagues around the country within PE. Whilst we would very much like everyone who plays our sport to join the officially recognised National Governing Body, we welcome all bodies and structures which promote petanque and increase participation.


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