News2019 National Playing Programme Finalised

6th March 2019

Following decisions made by the PE Board at its January meeting and after feedback received from PE members, the 2019 Playing Programme is now in place.

The following national competitions will form the PE National Rankings (separate male and female competitions on each day):

  • Ranking Triples – 11thMay 2019 (Nottingham City PC);
  • National Singles – 25thMay 2019 (Gravesend PC) – finds PE National Singles Champions (Men & Women);
  • National Doubles –26thMay 2019 (Gravesend PC) – finds PE National Doubles Champions (Men and Women);
  • Rankings Triples – 16thJune 2019 (Leicester Banks PC);
  • Rankings Doubles –29thJune 2019 (Worthing PC);
  • National Triples –30thJune 2019 (Worthing PCChange for 2019: the winners of this event will be the PE Men’s and Women’s National Triples Champions 2019 – a title which we do not have at present).

These competitions are now open to entries and you can use PE’s online system to enter your teams. This is the quickest and easiest way to do it!

The National Rankings will be used to identify our National Teams  requirements for 2019 and the PE Board has also set objectives for our teams:

  • Women– FIPJP World Triples Championships (4 players), Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 8 – 11 November 2019. Primary Objective: Quarter Final of World Championships.
  • Men– CEP European Triples Championships (4 players), Albena, Bulgaria, 19 – 22 September 2019. Primary objective– Qualification for Championship after preliminary stages (Swiss/barrage); and Secondary objective – top 24 placing to qualify England for FIPJP World Championships 2020.

The selection process that will be followed for both our senior teams will be that the top two ranked players in both gender categories will be offered automatic international representation, while players ranked 3rd to 6th will be subject to a selection process for the final two places led by PE’s National Performance Panel. This year, players subject to selection will be invited to meet with the selection panel.

More information on the rules which apply to our National Playing Programme can be found here.

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