The importance of consent

In GDPR, consent is all about offering individuals genuine choice and control over the processing of their personal data.

Communications about our Petanque playing programme, rules and guidance, the events we hold and our club or region’s management are all a legitimate interest for members. They are “legitimate interest” in GDPR because they support the individual in their role as a member of Petanque England.

However, emails that provide offers, discounts, partnerships or promotions are marketing and require opt-in consent. This could include local non-Petanque events, special offers from sponsors etc..

The GDPR says you must not send communications about such things unless you have obtained consent.

Without consent, it is ‘spam’, however well-intentioned the sender.

What this means for you

When sending emails to members you must consider whether they are Legitimate Interest or require consent.

Some typical examples are:

  • Legitimate interest: club competitions, terrain maintenance plans, changes to club nights, notice of AGM
  • Consent required: Promoting a sponsor’s shop; information about a village fete; activities at local community centre

Sport:80 system enables you to filter members on whether or not they have consented to marketing emails and you should use this whenever sending emails to members.

You must NEVER share contact details with a third party (e.g. a sponsor) for marketing.

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