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24th November 2023

Support Officers.

From time-to-time vacancies come about that need filled while others come about as we strive to modernise and professionalise our sport.

Do you have the skills to help us?  Please review the positions detailed below.

We welcome your application and support. If you have any questions or would like to join us, you can write directly to our secretary at

Current Vacancies
National Safeguarding Officer.

Position: PE Support Officer for Diversity, Inclusion and Safeguarding
Comment: We have been grateful for work of Sheila King who has now retired leaving this role vacant for another important, informed, and skilled volunteer. If you are interested but require training this will be provided

CEP European Cup Organiser.
Position: PE Support Officer with responsibility for the Euro Cup.
Comment: We have been grateful for work of Alan Roden who retires with our thanks after serving 8 years in the role.

National Player’s Liaison.
Position: PE Support Officer with responsibility for liaising between players and the Board.
Comment: This is a newly created role that would suit somebody who plays in most National Competitions at any level and is prepared to become a conduit of communication between the National Governing Body and players.

PE Marketing and Promotions Officer.
Position: This support officer would suit somebody who understands marketing and shares our aim of bringing bring Pétanque to millions of people across England.
Comment. There would be scope to develop and create relationships with suppliers of Pétanque England merchandise and products.

Disciplinary Case Manager/Lead and panel.
: This support officer would suit somebody capable of leading a team to review and consider complaints, cases of ill-discipline or breaches of our rules and code of conduct.

Comment. It requires an organised and level-headed person capable of weighing up evidence asking the right questions and coming to a fair decision. The role is supported by a team of two panel members.

This position would suit somebody with web development experience or somebody moving into that world. With the sad loss of Paul Leverett we are now looking for the right person  to manage our website, make changes and keep it up to date.
Comment. If this is something you can help us with please email


Colin Roper

President, Petanque England

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