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The principal documents published by PE and its predecessor organisation (EPA) are available by clicking on the download buttons below.
Articles of Association (February 2018)
Pétanque England Rules (June 2018)
Member’s Code of Conduct (March 2017)
Board Member’s Code of Conduct (June 2015)
Umpiring Code of Conduct (March 2017)
Coaching Code of Conduct (March 2017)
DBS Policy (July 2017)
Code of Conduct for Parents & Carers (June 2018)
Equity Policy (January 2014)
Safeguarding Policy (March 2017)
Safeguarding Practice & Procedures (March 2017)
Data Privacy Notice (April 2018)
Official Rules of Pétanque (December 2016)
Shooting Rules (2014)
Shooting Scorecard (2014)
Approved Boules / Jacks (August 2015)
Disciplinary Procedures (July 2018)
National Performance Panel Terms of Reference (June 2018)
Club Small Grant Fund (January 2015)
Club Small Grant Application Form (January 2015)
Sample Club Constitution (September 2018)
Complaints Procedure (June 2017)

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