The National Youth Squad (NYS) uses a high-performance programme to encourage, coach and support the growth of selected players, for future success at International Youth Championship level.

For information on how to try-out for our National Youth Squad contact NYS Junior Championship Coach, Scott Ashby.


Our England Youth teams compete in international competitions at at European level, organised by CEP, and at World level, organised by FIPJP.

European Championships

Held on even-numbered years:

  • CEP Girls European Triples
  • CEP Boys European Triples

Details of the CEP Junior Championships can be found here: CEP European Championships

World Championships

Held on odd-numbered years:

  • FIPJP Junior Triples (mixed gender)

Details of the FIPJP Junior Championships can be found here: FIPJP World Championships

With team composition requirements changing every year, we work on the basis of selecting a mixed squad of up to 12 players each year. Our training and Championship team selection then adapts to fit the odd or even numbered year.

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