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Our England Youth teams compete in international competitions at World level (organised by the FIPJP) and at European level (organised by the CEP).

Currently the cycle is that in odd numbered years, our Youth play in the World Triples Championships.This is a mixed gender event where we will aim to send one triples team.

In even numbered years, they play in the European Triples Championships. In this event where we will aim to send both a boys team and a girls team.

All of these events include a Precision Shooting (Tir de Precision) competition and one player from each team is entered into this.


The National Youth Squad uses a system of assessment and selection days to find players for the squad. Selection into the squad is based on merit and lasts for one season (April – November), although in some circumstances the squad may continue to work after this date.

Whenever selecting juniors for the high-performance programme of the NYS, the coaching team and selection panel take in to account the core playing competencies, personal qualities and balance of the squad aiming for a combination of levels to help provide a constant flow of youth players ready for international play.

We are continuing to develop and move towards our goal of international success, to keep moving forward hard work and commitment is required from both the NYS coaching team and squad members. Players and parents are asked to seriously consider the commitment required before accepting a place on the squad. It is a committed and pressured programme, but players are well supported in their mental and technical growth.


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