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Our England Youth teams compete in international competitions at World level (organised by the FIPJP) and at European level (organised by the CEP).

Currently the cycle is that in odd numbered years, our Youth play in the World Triples Championships (to be played in Cambodia in 2019). In even numbered years, they play in the European Triples Championships (played in Spain in 2018).

In 2018, our team for the European Championships was Jamie Brooks, Morgan Pry, Daniel Raine and Kai Sheffield and they achieved a Gold medal in the Nations Cup (the lower competition if unsuccessful in qualifying for the final stages of the main championship).

Daniel competed in the Precision Shooting at the tournament and was ranked 10th out of 19 after the qualifying round, and he did not progress into the final stages after the extra repechage round.

PE’s National Youth Squad uses a system of assessment and selection days to find players for the A, B and C Squads. There’s more information on this in other sections of this website.

All our PE Youth players can compete in our National Rankings Competitions and in 2018, a number of our young players achieved great results competing at senior level.


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