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The National Youth “B” Squad was introduced in 2016, a developmental squad building for the future. In 2019, the squad has been expanded to 8 members to take account of higher departures from the ‘A’ Squad in 2019.

Our main aims are: 

  • To select up to 4 juniors to form the squad (8 in 2019)

  •  To encourage, coach and support the growth of the squad, for future success at youth international level 

  •  To enable that team to build on the performances of other recent representative teams. 

  • To use this as a stepping stone into our A squad where players would be eligible to be selected for  our championship team (for this reason we cannot select a player in their final year as a youth player) 

How to become a B squad member 

Selection for the B squad is through the NYS selection process (which may vary from year to year) where we make selection for our A and B squads. This process will be published on our website at the start of each season. 

The criteria for selection to squad  

This is a little flexible to allow us to build what we consider to be the best possible squad in any given year. Our general guidelines are: 

  • Ideally of cadet age range 13 – 15 years (we will consider players outside of this group but if younger we would need to consider them to be mentally and physically strong enough for this level of play and that we would not be at risk of over exposing them to too much pressure too soon) 

  • The player is receptive to advice and shows strong coachability 

  • The player shows considerable commitment, dedication and the potential to reach the required level for future international play. 

The National Youth B Squad members are not eligible for England international representation however at times we may have the opportunity to send some of our squad internationally. These players will be selected on a merit basis and this may involve them making up a team with A squad players. 

Just being a B squad member does not guarantee you a place on these trips nor does it guarantee you a future place on the A squad.



Kath Knight - Lead


Chris Garratt - Assistant


Callum Hickman - Kent

Ballie Inglis - Anglia

Francesca Evans Jones - Southern

Sam Rattue - Southern

Will R - Southern

Ella Slade - Sussex

Luke Thornton - Kent

Archie Zimmerman - Chiltern

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