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The main aims of the NYS is to select up to 8 male and 8 female juniors for the high-performance programme of the National Youth Squad to encourage, coach and support the growth of the squad, for future success at International Youth Championship level.

(For this reason it is unlikely we will select a player that is younger than cadet age)

How to become an A squad member

Selection for the NYS is through our selection process which includes a series of observation events combined with a final selection event. Whenever selecting juniors for the high-performance programme of the National Youth Squad, the coaching team and the selection panel shall take in to account the core playing competencies, personal competencies and other considerations listed below. 

 Core playing competencies:

  • Has sound skill base and consistency of performance.
  • Displays tactical understanding and has established consistency in making appropriate decisions in demanding situations.  
  • Shows ability to use innovation in their game.    
  • Can sustain concentration in performance throughout game.   
  • Shows the potential skills and capabilities to represent England at the highest level.  
  • The player shows considerable commitment, dedication and the potential to reach the required level for future international play.

Core personal competencies:   

  • Leadership – leads by example and is a role model to others.   
  • Resilience – mental toughness, bounces back after adversity, perseveres and adapts.    
  • Self-awareness – emotional intelligence, composure under pressure.   
  • Self-responsibility – motivated and compliant.    
  • Work ethic – is driven and committed to developing and maintaining the competencies required to be a World class England athlete; can sustain intensity, shows consistency and is disciplined on and off the terrain. 
  • Demonstrates P.R.I.D.E. – Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence.  

“Consideration may also be given to any other such factors that the selection panel considers in its sole discretion” to be relevant and appropriate to the overall assessment of a particular player.



Toni Gates - Lead Coach


Scott Ashby - Head Championship Coach




Ella Slade - Sussex
Francesca Evans-Jones - SCPA
Jane Geddes - Heart of England
Sophie Rowley - Kent


Jamie Brooks - SPCA
JJ Inkley - East Midlands
Baillie Inglis - Anglia
Callum Hickman - Kent
Angus Hamilton - Northern
Sam Rattue - SCPA
Luke Thornton - Kent

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